Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am just so aggravated. My unemployment has not come yet, be case when I filled it out, I said I recieved vacation pay. I thought I was supposed to receive vacation pay, but I did not. And besides that it was only one day.

Now my check is in Bureaucratic Hell. I had to mail off a stupid form, and other crap. Its just a headache. I am just so fed up with everything right now. I m frustrated and worried and nothing has gone right in the last month.

I will be alright. I hope.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unemployed: Week 2

Feel Like I am getting into the groove of being unemployed. Yes sirre Bob.

I have played alot of video games. Went to the unemployment office. Filed paperwork to get my checks. Which is a bunch of buecratic Bullshit in my opinion. They want you to sign up online. So i worked in Indiana, but I live in kentucky now. I go to INdiana agency. They tell me since I live in KY, I need to sign up in Ky... I go to KY they tell me all my hours are in IN, So i have to fill out a form. And it is going to take me a week to hear something from them.

So I am waiting to hear from that. Then I am going through the step to get my 401k back. I need it to buy me a decent car, pay off all my laptop, and my credit card, and I plan on getting a PS3. I am a gamer who is running a Video Game blog site now.
phil-n-rob-d games if you like games check it out. I plan to try to include my wit and humor for everyone to enjoy.

Now to my rant of the week. I will never buy anything from Best Buy Again. Ever. I got my laptop back this week. But they failed to send back a key component. MY AC ADAPTER. So my laptop is as useless to me right now as it was when i sent it off. They are trying to locate my AC Adapter, and in the mean time they told me... tough luck. They could not even give me a universal Adapter. I dont give a shit if it cost you A $100. I did not loose my ac adapter. They lost it. And i cant use my laptop. And I am freakin pissed. Excuse my language.

And the week started out so well. Sunday night I got to talk to Mel for a couple of hours. I miss her. Soon i will have a little money again to take her out. I just hope she understands. I feel like a real looser right now. Oh well All things happen for a Reason right.

On to some better stuff. If you did not watch the new show Kid nation, i recommend you check it out. This is the show that survivor should have been. Its almost like they are making a TV show of the Lord of the Flies.

I mean the first episode I thought two of the kids were going to come to blows. Man if I was younger i think this would be the first show i could have survived in. They put this kids through more crap than those whiny asses go through in Survivor.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey to everyone. I know things will get better. I just miss my laptop, i miss Mel, I miss the customers at my old job. Well at least the good ones. I miss having a purpose.

Halo 3 is only 5 days away. this time Monday night i will be getting in the shower, and driving over to the halo 3 launch party at my local Eb games to pick up my game. Afterwards, me and Dennis(AKA xDisturbed Onex on Xbox Live) are going to spend the night putting the co-op mode through its paces. I will keep you updated onPhil-n-Rob-d Games

have A Good night.

And keep a lookout for the phil-n-Rob-d Video game show on
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Unemployed: Week One

Man, I told Mel that i think unemployement is one of the 7 layers of hell. I am so used to having a job that it is driving me insane not having one. The highlight of my week was signing up for unemployment. How sad is that. I dont know how people do it. I have rented every new Xbox 360 game that has came out this week, and I am still bored with all the hours in the day.

Mel has been busy. She is such an Amazing women, I am so proud of her. She lost most of her grant money, but is determined to finish college in the next two years. She had to take a student loan out to do it. I wish i could do something to help her. She is going to be busy for awhile though between work and School. So we wont get to talk as often, and now I dont even get to see her at the bank.

But she has taken the time to send me emails to check on me. And i know how much she hates writing long emails. But I appreciate them. And i send the boring parts of my day looking for funny pics to put on her Myspace page.

I have talked with my friend Phil, we are going to do a video game show on I am not sure what the show will be called. Nor when we will start. I have to get my laptop back, and I have been going on a week now of... Repair in Progress. I am saying that I would not buy a computer from Acer anymore. Its rediciulous that it is taking this long to get it done. Hopefully it will be back this week.

Games I have played this week on Xbox 360: Bejeweled 2, Blue Dragon, Stranglehold, Medal of honor: Airborne, Stuntman Ignition, Streets of Rage 2, Graw 2, the Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer demo. My butt hurts from sitting in my recliner so long.

Nothing really exciting going on at the moment.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Week has not started out Well

Well I come into work this morning, as always. And before the store opens, my DM shows up out of the blue.

"We are closing the store down this morning, I am supposed to tell you to go home and we will call you later."

It just pisses me off. I am worried that i am not even going to have a job anymore. And they dont have the decency to tell me. I have worked here for 9 years, and I just feel like they should make sure they have a spot for the loyal employees. Just because the decide to close down a store in the area, does not mean my bills stop coming.

I am scared. I have never not had a job in the last 12 years of my life. They are supposed to be having meetings to see what the plans are... shouldnt you had those first, I am not sure what to do. If I dont hear from them I am going to go file umemployment, I would rather have a job, I am not one of these people who can sit around and do nothing.

I cried today, you know its the first time that I really cried in a long time. in fact i dont think i have cried since I met Mel. I am tired, i cant sleep, I am worried, and the only time I felt better was when I talked to her.

If I dont have a job anymore, I am going to take my 401k and get me a better car, and pay off my bills. But I would rather be working.

Oh well, what can I do.

I will worry myself sick tell I hear something. this has ruined my entire week. I was wanting to see if Mel wanted to do something this weekend, now I need to hold back on money constraints, til I find something out. And the worst part is, i wont get to see her anymore at the bank.

I know everything will work itself out, and I truly believe that, but i just wish i could be happy without having all these problems, this is the first year I have felt like life was getting better since the divorce that damn near ripped my very soul out.

most of the people i worked with called me tonight. The first thing they wanted to know was A. What happened, and B. Am i okay. It was good to know people cared.

Also my laptop is still in the shop. They have had it a week and have not even started working on it. I mean come on. I need it back at some point. I need to write my novel and such.

Well sorry my thoughts are so incoherent, I am tired stressed and a little ashamed. I dont like being at the mercy of others. I am stubborn that way.

Good night
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