Monday, April 28, 2008

Not Much Going on here

Not really much going on around here. Its pretty much all HALO all the time. The dog not the game. But he has hisown blog of course.

I got my money. I bought me a few things I wanted. A DS lite, and PSP. And put the rest of the money back for a car, and other things like money to live on. (About 4 more months of Unemployment)

I need to call about my teeth. My mom explained to me that they will not have to cut out my wisdom teeth, because they have came in. I dont know if I trust her on that, anyone know. (I am scared when people use th term cut, and its half the reason I am in no huge hurry to get it done. I am a chicken shit) I thought they always had to cut out the wisdom teeth cause they were so rooted. Times like this I wish my ex wife was around, she worked at a dental office.

Anyway. Just wanted to say hello, and I will talk to you later

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I got my Monies

So I got my 401 (k) check yesterday. $4520, its been a long time since I seen that much money at one time. With this I will be able to pay off my credit card, and survive jobless for probably another 4-5 months if I have to. :( But I am optimistic that something will present itself.

It can last longer, butI am never sure how long the old station wagon is going to make it. Yes I still have the car that tried to kill me. Some days I wish it had, but back in those days, I thought "everything was going to be all right" That was back before I lost my job, (without a fuck you or how you do)and the girl that changed my life (still waiting for her to tell me Hey, but we can be friends).

But havng a little money in your pocket knda changes your perspective. Sad isnt it. So I diddlebopped down to the bank. I was depositing it, and asking for $500 ( A Sony PSP was calling my name, yeah I know its expensive but my life has been in the shitter and I wanted something else nice) However since it is an Insurance check, (I thik the stupid bitch needs to get her eyes checked. Since its a 401 (k) and the company also does Insurance you would think they were two seperate things) they have to hold it for 5 days.. which in bank terms means a week. WHy cant they jus say a week. We dont live on buisiness time. I mean at the end of Fiday we dont enter a fucking time warp that automatically makes it Monday. (Thank God for that right, hell maybe we need a reverse time warp that makes Sunday warp to friday a 5 pm, amarite?) Can you tell I am frustrated.

But I can wait, I have tons of stuff to play through anyway. And a website to run. Which I have not wrote an article for in a long long time. And then a week later GTAIV comes out and I will be killing Hookers and running over old ladies and pissing off politicians for playing a game made for Adults, being sold to children... not really my fucking problem the way I see... Maybe parents should learn to fucking parent. I guess I will never get to know that joy.

Wow... this post is coming out all disgrunteled like. But after its done I will feel better. Its good to get frustration out in the open. Oh and I only have one friend it seems anymore, Phil, the rest of my in real life friends dont talk to me anymore. I am not sure what that is about. Well I have an idea what its about, but I am not going to worry about it, if no one wants to talk to me again whatever.

Speaking of Politics. I think this will be the first time I have ever voted Democrat. I dont think any of them can do anything for us, but I think Barack may try harder than any of them. I dont maybe I am being optimistic again. But I wont vote for Hilarity Clinton if I was on fire and she offered to piss on me. Her husband ruined this country.

Dont blame Bush for the job loss. When Bidiot Clinton signed NAFTA, there was a huge sucking sound... it was all our jobs going to Mexico. And the dollar is almost worthless. And gas continues to rise. I forsee another Civil War in the next few years. But its going to be the rich vs. poor. You cant keep taking things for people and expect them to take it. Scary is it not. Me I just want to play video games.

Anyway, I guess I am going to close out this rant session. So I can relax a little. Everyone have a good night.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Far in April

Hello everyone.

Some updates, still single, still unemployed, still running a video game site, and doing a video show on Sunday, and a podcast on Wednesday. And still trying to housebreak a pug.

After much frustration of calling about my 401(k). I got frustrated and called his boss. I asked the boss. What I did to them, because I cant seem to get a call back abot paperwork, after I left so many messages.

I got a call back the next day. And the paperwork the day after that. So I should get money back shortly. The good news is my 401(k) bounced back a bit after I lost a thousand dollars in it. I got about 500 back. Hopefully I dont loose it waiting for them to cut me a check.

With this money, I can safley wait another 3 months without a job if I have to. So hopefully I can find something. At least I will be able to pay off my credit card. But I am treating myself to a Nintendo DS, and a PSP in June (waiting for the model I want to come in)

Halo and I are sitting outsid right now. Storms will be rolling in within the next few hours. But and bringing with it tornado like weather. But right now its only cloudy and windy. I a hoping for some nice Saturday weather to take him to the park.

If you want to know more about halo, he has his own blog with his own comments on life, potty training, and me. Halo the pug

Halo seems to help calm me down with the frustration I feel. Of course that could be because I am getting some money finally.

Oh and I came home from doing the show on Sunday, my hair was really bothering me. I hate when my hair gets so long and I cant do anything with it. So I told myself that I would buy me a set of hair clippers and do it myself. If they were cheap enough.

I bought a pair for $13. A haircut around here cost $9-11. And I did what my ex wife used to do. Cut my hair without any of the guards on. I forgot how short it is when you do this. But I got it done. I will make sure next time my mom is hom so she can check the back. I had a heck of a time finding a mirror.

Anyway. Chat with you guys later
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