Saturday, August 25, 2007

Laptops, Friends, and Honor

Hey guys, thought I would send a quick shout out to everyone on here. Its been one of those weeks.

On Sunday, my new laptop that is only three months old, took a swan dive out of my hands when i was getting up. The cable was wedged under a closed cabinet door, and when I stood up, the cord had no give. And neither did the ac adapted, there was a ripping from the inside of the comnputer. So it will no long charge.

I looked for a number for Acer computers, and guess what. They dont list one. The only way that they talk to you is you have to email them and wait 3-4 days for a response.

This happened Monday, I did not get an email back til Friday. And there response was, take it back to best buy. And best buys response, we will send it to Acer, it is under warrenty and they will fix it. So I have no clue how long that will take. :(

Well there was a big blow up on Sunday. (the Monday post i made this week was actually written on Sunday, but did not get posted til Monday because of the screwed up laptop)

When I went over there on Sunday, i did not want to talk about mel getting her feelings hurt, and I was still upset that m Said "It was nice to meet you, we heard all about you, especially how you slept with Rob on the first date... Just Kidding" So i was not going to discuss it, because we all know it does not do any good to talk to m about such things because he never believes he is in the wrong.

So he sits there and ask me, "So how much did you have to pay her to come over here?" And let a fake little laugh.

"Nothing, but I dont think she will ever come back." Now she never told me this, but i was planning on never bringing her around them again. I was insulted, because she is a sweet, caring beautiful person. And the fact that I told them on several occassions not to make any kind of sex joke or something towards her.

m asked "Why?"

I responded. "Gee I dont know why she would want to come back, J called her stupid and you basically called her a Whore."

J started saying he was not calling her stupid, he was insulting the other girl. Now tell me how, "Wow and you guys used to make fun of V". I explined to him again that she is a sensative person, and her feelings were hurt. ( i mean how would you feel if people were making fun of you, calling you stupid, right in front of your face and you only met them twice in your life)

Then m tried to jump in to defend j. And i told him, "And you pissed me off with your comment" and he responded with the just kidding. Then he went into his little rant.

"The reason why i let you guys over here is because you guys are not easily offended, and if she cant deal with it well she needs to get over it."

I responded, "It was not her that was offended about your little joke. You offended me with it"

"Well then you need to get over it. This is my house and it was only a joke."

I shut up, did not say another word to them about, and then everyone went to go watch a movie. As we are leaving i told another of the group. "my game is being cancelled, I am not coming back."

I was told that, "I dont blame you" and I left.

Does anyone think i was in the wrong here.

I care about Mel, I think about her a hundred time a day. I would spend all my free time with her if i could, At no time have i ever thought she was stupid. And the fact, all he had to say was, I am sorry, instead he again says my feelings are not important, and that its his rules, like a 7 year old kid at a slumber party, my house and you are going to do what i say.

This is not the first time he has pulled this kind of crap. So i am done, I am out. this is my honor. I feel someone I care about was insulted. And the worst part is she had to suffer through what was supposed to be a happy time for her to meet the rest of my friends she had not, and then fact that he was the one that wanted to meet her so bad.

I will pertect Mel from anything i can. It is my duty as her friend. I honor her, and this was the upmost of dishonor. And when I seen he was not going to ever think he was wrong i wash my hands of the whole mess.

The rest of the group knows what is going on, and I have no ill feelings to them if they continue to hang around him. But i will not.

Anyway i just wanted to get it off my chest. Mel should have never been insulted, and i feel bad because i put her in that situation

Anyway going to run. i will update everyone on the laptop situation.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturday Date

Last night Mel and I went out to the movies. We went and seen I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. I did not have very high hopes for this movie. I heard so many bad things about it. But it was a very good movie, I laughed all the way through it, and so did Melanie.

Afterwards we went to eat at Steak and Shake. I had not eaten there in a while. I had a double steakburger, fries and cheese fries, and a Chocolate-Banana Milkshake. The milk shake was a little Icy, bur I enjoyed it all right. She really enjoyed it because she was starving. She told me she had not eaten all day. So by 4:30 she was pretty hungry. She got the same thing that I did.

I asked her what she wanted to do. She said she had a lot of bread in her car, her mom and her usually buy cheap bread and feed it too the ducks at Cracker Barrel, so she wanted to know if I wanted to do that.

Feeding ducks is like Battle Royale. Throwing one piece of bread can start a fight. Its also like being surrounded by a lot of ducks that see you have food. I thought I was going to have to throw myself in front of Mel and tell her to run.

After that we went to Petsmart. I wanted to get little Rosey a frisbee, we are planning a “family” outing. My mom, her mom, me, her, and Rosey. I think it is going to be fun. And her mom is excited to do it. Not sure when yet, but waiting for a weather cool down. So probably sometime in September.

Then after that I made my first folly. I took her to meet my friends Matt and Jeff. Matt has been telling me to invite her over and such. I was afraid because I know how Blue things can get over there. I dont know what it is but I can not figure out why they have to figure out some way to embarrass me.

Just before we leave Matt says, “we heard a lot about you , especially about how you put out on the first date.” Now I know he was joking, but it really did piss me off, thats the exact reason I did not want to bring her around. Not only that my friend Jarrod basically called her Stupid in front of her face because she did not know what a “wigger” was. It really hurt her feelings, and I felt so bad afterwards. I don't think I will be bringing her around there anymore. I really doubt she will even want to go over there anymore.

After that we went back to her place. We took Rosey her new toy we bougt her, We could not find a really small frisbee so we had to settle for an orange “witch” with a blacked out tooth. Rosey did not care at all, she thought it was awesome.

Mel's Mom, Lisa, sat with us in the living room for awhile. Her mom is a hoot too. And it feels good because she likes me. Then I tried to help get her computer in better working order. I am not sure if it will help but hopefully I will be able to figure something else out for her.

Do you want to know why this girl owns my smile. Its because she thinks about me. She went to the gas station and bought me a soda. Not just any soda. She bought me a Mountain Dew Game Fuel, because it had Master Chief and Halo 3 on it. I decided not to drink it. I am going to keep it, it is kind of special. She knew I was a Halo fan and bought me that.

She also spent 45 minutes at a gift shop in Holiday World to find me something that was not too girlish. She got me a keychain. That was a flip flop. And I put it on my key chain immediately. She also gave me some left over stuff her mom demoed. And she also gave me a nice huge bottle of Phat Farm Cologne. (Se told me that I did not stink)
But all in all I think this is the best time I have had with her, She is just so awesome. She makes me smile. I wish I could have gotten some pics but my camera battery was dead, it must have came on when I had it in my pocket. But I just felt more of a connection between us. Maybe I am just seeing things, we are just friends right now.

I really hated to leave, but I had to drive home, and I was already yawning.

So we cut it short, but I just feel really good about her.

So that was my Saturday night. Everyone have a great night.



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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing to Say

Nothing important to say, but I just wanted to say hey. It has been one of those weeks.Wish I had something important or exciting to say, but alas I do not.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Retro Blog: My First Melanie Post

For those who might not have ever read all of my old blog. This was the first post about Melanie.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
The Bank Girl

Well today I was at the bank. I look across the room to see the girl i like working the drive thru. I was a little disappointed, but hey what do I expect, luck is never on my side. At least I thought I would get another chance to talk to her on Saturday.

So I stand in line for a few minutes, glancing her way every other second. When she turns around... *GASP* What do I do, she locked eyes with me. I should look away, this is getting out of control.

Most of the time if I look into a girls eyes, I almost immediately turn into Robby McPussy-Pants and turn away. Its a survival mechanism that was installed when I was first interested in girls. If not for the internetI would never have gotten married... I am just to freakin nervous.

I did the only other thing i could think of, in a moment of absolute terror, I smile. Thakfully I stopped the smile before it resembled something that looked evil, I was going for Hi.. not... I AM SATAN NOW LET ME EAT YOUR SOUL.

What.. did I see that right, did she just smile back. Now she is walking almost towards me. Eyes are still locked. And she says, "Hello" and I think I squeeked out something that was supposed to be Hello.

She walked on by still watching me. I layed another smile, and i think again it may have been returned. This was already good enough for a second conversation for me. Two possible smiles, but no it contuned.

"So how are you feeling today, you were feeling bad last week, right?" She goes into the supply closet and turns around to listen for my answer and yes, that was a third smile. I got a smile, and concern for my wellbeing.

I panic, what do I do, what do i say. So i say the only thing i can get out of my mouth...

"I love you"

Just kidding, I reply, "I am doing a lot better this week!" And then I make a mistake I give a big thumbs up. I can feel everyone who knows me telling me that, that has to be the most retarded thing they have ever seen. I wait for someone to smack me on the back of the head for being so stupid.

"Thats good." and she starts passing back in front of me, and i tell her thanks for her concern, she smiles again and says, "no problem"

When she walks by, it is confirmed... there is no ring on that hand. None, I repeat none. I am flirting with a girl for the most part is not married or engaged.

And the thing is, maybe she is actually interested. Maybe she is just being friendly. But she remebered me, she locked eyes with me, and spoke to me. I feel like I am back in high school. I have never done this while "not" being behind a computer screen. No good can come of this. I need Hitch or something man.

YOUR ANTI HERO... what am I supposed to do... ack.. this is too much pressure.


There You Go

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Ben's Wedding the Aftermath

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Hey guys how is it going. All I can say about here is this. It Frickin hot. I mean Damnable hot, the hottest summer I can remember in the past few years. The temp is supposed to get to 97, and a heat index of 101 to 105.

It is going to be a bad week. And me without air condintioning in my car, I am not looking forward to that.

But lets quit talking about the weather and get on to something else. Melanie of course. I mean what else am I going to talk about. You may have heard in the video pocast that she changed her hair to brunette. I have not seen it yet, well besides a picture. But she is going to be gorgeous no matter what, I think.

She is going with her mom to the American Idol concert in St. Louis this Thursday night. This is something her and her mom plan for every year. I think it is kind of cool.

Last Sunday they thought her mom had a mouse in her bedroom. Her mom refused to sleep in there. So they both went and lay down in the living room. As they sat there talking. Her mom said, "Call Robert, see if he can come over and find the mouse." At this time it was Midnight. Mel said she was not going to do that to me.

I would have done it. To think that her mom already has me in the role of protector. That just makes me laugh. I can see the headlines now. "Sir Robert the Mouse Slayer". What can I say, my honor is my life.

I felt kind of bad, she talked to me for an hour the other night, on her birthday. She called me from a prepaid cell phone. And I did not realize that it cost her like $10 to talk to me for an hour. Her mom was on the main phone line. She was talking to an old friend of hers.

Keep their friend Eugene in your prayers. He is having a brain tumor removed. And he still has another the Doctors say is inoperatable. She said he is a real nice guy, and if Mel says someone is a nice guy them I take her at her word.

After hearing about the bridge collapse this week it has mad my commute to work frightning. I cross a huge bridge, that they are doing contruction on right now. I still have a hard time believing how that could happen I still think terrorism but they say no.

Anyway I am going to get off here. I may do a video podcast later. Let me know what you think about it. If I should keep doing it, or if my scares the hell out of you.

And Dave Santos, No.. Thank You

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ben's Wedding Day

Here is my first Video Blog. If you have a webcam and want to do the same sign up with Operator11 AT

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