Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chicken Eatin Weirdo

Hey there good citizens of Mundanesville.

It took me a little longer to right this blog post this week. Its been a pretty good week. Mel and I went out to a concert in the park. Not many pictures were taken. It was raining off and on during the whole ordeal. But we had a great time, and more importantly she did.

We had gotten KFC before hand and ate before the concert. When we started packing up, this guy behind us asked if he could buy the leftovers. He was a weirdo, not sure if he was homeless although he looked like he had been drinking. My mom gave him the food, but he did give us $2 for it, Even though mom told him not worry about it.

Mel Told me that her mom would have had fun too, and I told her next time we will go out to the park and her mom and her Dog Rosey can go to. We will make a family date. She said that sounded like a lot of fun.

Next week is her birthday, but I already got her a present. I could not really find anything I would have liked to get her. But finally I made a decision. I got her an Ipod shuffle. Pink Ipod shuffle. Which I was worried to give her because I did not want her to think I was getting serious with an expensive gift. But in the end I buckled. I knew she deserved it.

Now I am not used to seeing this. I gave her the gift. And she almost started to cry. She wanted one of these so bad. I fact she had wanted to buy the Pink one also. So not only did I get the one she wanted, I even got her the right color.

She even called her mom on the way back to my apartment to let her know what she had gotten. Her mom was as impressed as she was. The next day she said that she had let her mom listen to it, and then when she took it back her mom did not want to get it back.

It makes me feel good. I feel like I got her something she may not have gotten herself. She total deserves it. For what she has helped me through. I almost shed a tear thinking about how excited she was about it.

Its funny, next we it will have been a year since I gave her that birthday card. The one that did not have my number in it. I just can't believe I am now hanging out with her. Things really can turn around. There always will be pain, but there always has to be hope. I hope that I can continue hanging out with her for the foreseeable future, I like the way she makes me feel.

This week I also bought the Halo Games again, used. I wanted to play through both of them, since I never finished them before, and the final one comes out in September. I am finding that I have gotten lots better at FPS games. I have been blowing through the first game. And actual have been enjoying it.

In Two more weeks, the game I have been waiting for come out on the 360. Bioshock, I can hardly wait for it.

Anyway thats about all I have got for this edition of my blog. Everyone have a great night.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Cool Breeze

Well I am sitting here outside my apartment enjoying the cool air. It has been a misreable heat filled July here. And today we got a torrential downpour. I tried getting to the grociery store but most of the roads are flooded, so we had to hit another store instead.

The other night I was looking online for some things when I came across the engagment pictures of my ex wife. I thought that it would really bother me, and it really didn't. It did not even hurt to find out she was pregnant. I guess I knew it would happen. I really do hope she is doing well. I wish her or her child no ill will.

Will I ever have kidlitts of my own. Who know. Am I even able to have kids. Was God protecting me. Or am I just shooting blanks. I am not anywhere near thinking about kids. Mel is great but hey this relationship is nowhere near even discussing that. But I have these moments of thought where I just feel like if never have kids I have lead a wasted life. I feel it would be a shame for kids not to have a father like I know I could be.

All I can say in my life right now is that I am glad that I feel anything. That numbess is no longer there, I feel again. And that has made all the difference.

An old buddy I blogged about got a hold of me today. That was cool. Ed Healy, I guess he found me when he was googleing his own name. (What kind of Rock Star Minded Jerk googles himself, I mean you have to be real conceited to do that Just Kidding!!!!)

The poor boy is in Iraq though I hope he gets home safe. He has two little kidlitts of his own.

On to other things Mel and I had a great time looking up places on google Maps Satelite photos. We zoomed in on her house and could see her car parked in the driveway. You can see my old pick up in front of the House I once owned. In fact the Mcdonalds behind my apartment had not even been built in the photos. Its like in this little snap shot of life. Thats going to be around for awhile. Saying that once you were here, and did not even realize what was going on above you.

Everyone google your address and let me know whAt snapshot of your life was taken.

Anyway have a good night.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Night of Bowling

All in all we had a very good time, just dont rub it in that I beat her in two of the three games she gets easily discouraged. :) She is a real trooper. And look at that smile on my face first one I have had that does not make me look silly.

Next date she and I are going to listen to the music at the park here in Henderson. That should be fun.

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Friday, July 6, 2007


Thats what my life feels like right now. Totally mundane. No excitement. Not that I want the bad kind of excitement, but something different would be nice.

ME and Mel are still talking and such. Nothing realy new there. She had a scare the other night at a night depsosit box at the bank. (Not her bank) Some guy tried to get her attention, and it scared her so she tried to drive away and he followed her to a MCdonalds parking lot. And eventually he drove on. She was pretty shaken up by the entire ordeal and I can not say I dont blame her.

Well my conspiracy X game is getting closer to being started. Which is awesome. The group is really giving me some really good ideas. Some of the characters are really off the wall.Definately a differnt dynamic then before when I ran the game.

Also as I am typing this I am actually doing my best to watch the screen also. After all these years of hunting and pecking my brain has done a good job of memorizing where the keys are even thought I had not realized it. So I am pratacing actual typing now. Although it messes with my head reading while typing, how do you guys get used to that.

I hope everyone had a nice 4th. I had to work 4-8 which was okay because fireworks are no biggie to me anymore. Not since I was a kid, and when I was married I was rarely allowed to use them because she was afraid I would burn the house down. And she probably had a good reason to believe so. :)

You know I guess I have kind of mellowed out. Maybe it is the combination of finding God again, or Melanie showing me that there is sunshine under those dark clouds. But I feel like I truly have forgiven my ex wife. So I hope she is doing well.

I guess that is what happens here in Mundanesville, USA, population 1.

What did I do on my 4th of July. I played Xbox 360 of course. I played overlord for like 5 hours that day. Awesome fun game. The achievements and some of the ones you really have to work for and I like those kind of achievements.

Something else I noticed typing like this, I catch more of my mispellings this way, unless I just am not sure how to spell the word to begin with.

I watched a pretty goood movie last night. The Astronaut Farmer I recommend it when it comes out on video next week.

Okay and for one final thought I wanted to give a shout out to a link I have on the side of my blog. The conspiracy X blog. Some of you guys may not know why its there besides the fact that I am running said game.

Well Con-x to me was the greatest role playing table top, pen and paper game there was. And every month, they would hold a Meet the Writers on the 23rd. And I showed up December 23rd and I was the only guy there and I became friends with Ed Healy who used to be a the Eden Studios web guy.

Well I had a fan site to the Conspiracy X game. And on this site I had a story I was writing about the game with Characters I had created. Con-x was like the X files. Except characters come from other goverement agencies than just the FBI.

My story revolved around a Latino DEA agent with Raven black hair named Asil Pschecho, and a reluctant Psychic named Curtis Keighly. Well my website started getting traffic from fans of the Conx game. People loved my story and the Ed asked me to write story for the website, a choose your own adventure style story.

Needless to say it stunk, I was not very good at writing in a choose your own style, but it is still up on the website I think. But [please dont read) its there.

This lead to me getting to be a playtester for other Eden Studios games and even writing part of the Angel Role playing game. You know the only published work of mine. But I thought that would be an interesting story to share with those I have not bored to tears at this point. And this was a good typing exercise for me, everyone have a good weekend.

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