Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Pug

Meet little Halo. So far he hates a leas and he loves to chew. And he says Miko is cute as a button.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I know this sounds like a broken record, but man is my life frustrating. It seems like everything around me is frustrating me. Nothing seems to go the way, I need it to go. Well, I guess I don't mean exactly everything.

So what's been going on, well Not much. I can't seem to get a call back from my former employers. So I can get my 401(k), and that's very frustrating. I just checked it this week and found out that I have lost over $1000 in the last six months. That's a lot of money, money that I need. Had they sent me my paperwork like to ask them to six months ago. I would've had this money, I guess it's my fault. I should have been more demanding.

Last week my friends Josiah and Bryan went to Barnes and Nobles, after dinner to work on my resume. Since it seems no one has called me back for a job interview. I figured my resume needed some work. We spent about two hours going over it and Josiah did a great job. I was pretty ecstatic on the way over there, because another friend told me they had an opening in the billing department that they desperately needed filled. I figured if they were desperate, I had a shot.

That was Tuesday. Never heard anything back from all week. Not sure why no one else seems to be sure, why. See frustration, I am distressed. Maybe that's why it's 2:30 in the morning and my body can't sleep.

A couple weeks ago, my mom got a call from the credit card company, saying she had not paid her bill. Mom got to looking and sure enough she made the check, but they never received it. She set off another bill on that same day, and they did not get that one either.

Yesterday when I checked the mail. I find that another law firm as sent me a bill, because I did not pay the last payment of my bankruptcy. And sure enough when I checked my bank account that check had not cleared. So I sent off the form that came with the letter along with my credit card number to take care of this. Hopefully they won't charge me more because it's late. The reason for all these problems they removed our mailbox from the apartment community. We either have to leave our mail on our mailbox in the hallway or leave it at the office. Unfortunately the office is only open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sometimes that's not very convenient when you realize you need to mail something. These three letters disappeared and who knows what happened to them. Again frustration another problem that I could not fix.

And for the last bit of frustration. We have a very good Internet connection here or at lease we did. We had a 10 meg download connection. I used had because they've come around and have been doing some work on the cable. Suddenly I'm lucky if I can get a one meg connection. Sometimes it hovers between one and 1.5. That's a big drop in quality. Which frustrates me even more because today I was trying to make a new intro for our video game show. Which I could not do because nothing is downloading at the proper speed.

Seriously what the fuck happened? And tonight I couldn't even get a one meg connection.

Sorry to bring up all this frustration I just need something in my life to go right for once. I need a job I don't want to work at Wal-Mart but obviously not have much choice. What did I do wrong that I can't get anything I need?

He started a new videogame podcast and so far I enjoy doing it. We have more people on it than the video game show on And we just got the confirmation that we will be put up on iTunes. So that's kind of rewarding.

And after all these years, I finally bought my first website. and its the location of the podcast and everything else that revolves around games and us.

I guess this about does it sorry about the bitching. By the way I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to type up this post. Josiah gave it to me because he got tired of it but I have been using it quite a bit. Because honestly when I write, it's kind of a stream of consciousness thing. So this works for me.

Anyway everyone have a good night,
Robert R. Wood
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

More True Words Were Never Spoken

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Has it Been that long

Wow. Just realized that this blog has not been updated since the middle of the Febuary.

Got my Xbox back today. I missed it so much. Alot has happened in the last month. Along with my sunday video game show, we started a podcast. And its awesome. Well if we could get the technicalities down to a minimum. There are 6 of us. Phil, Josiah, Kush (from CHicago, he is like the guy who fixes my problems) Brukaoru (She is like my little sis) and Kadosho, who is friends with Bru and a welcome addition and brings A bit of mental stability.

I have decided that I am going to do something for myself this year, my mom is going to help me pay for it. I am getting all my top teeth pulled and getting dentures. I know this is a sad fact at the age of 30 I am getting flase teeth but my teeth are bad. Ever since I was like 8, my two front teeth grew in with an overbite, which my parents could not afford to fix, and not only that they have a permenant stain from a reaction to an antibiotic I took as a child.

I dealt with it my whole life, and frankly its were 90% of my self esteem issues come from. Its one of my character flaws. People look at me like I dont bush my teethm and it makes it hard to talk to women when your stained teeth stick out for the world to see. So its going to cost me over a $1000 more than likely. But I am geting my 401 k soon. So I think thats when I will do it. While I am unemployed, so I can get it done and not have to miss work when I get a job.

I am scared, I know its going to hurt, but it will be worth it in the long run. Anything that can help with my self esteem is worth it, since I have so little of it.

Noty much of imprtance is going on. Awaiting another snowfall here. God I hate the snow. I hate hate hate it.

Been fighting the flu here. I keep getting over it, but then it just keeps coming back.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and the teeth thing has been on my mind for awhile. And wanted to put it out in the ether, to see what others might say.

Take Care
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