Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Been a Long time

Sorry for the lack of updates. I kept putting off writing in this blg, and then realized it has almosr been a month since I had. So I thought hey I better get on that.

I have been occasionally taking sleeping pills. The other night I just had to take one. I was trying to sleep and I just started worrying. I worried about the economy, I worried about America in general. I listen to alot of Conspiracy Theories and there seems to be alot going on in the world right now. And most people will call you crazy, if you speak about it.

I think we are in trouble, and I think people like Alex Jones are right. If you look are money here is being made useless. Its devalued. And we owe so much to other countries that we can't pay. And now it seems like we are fishing to go to war with IRAN.. Why?

We can't afford the wars we are in now. I voted for Bush. I was a Republican for as many years as I can remember. But it doesnt matter. No one is going to change anything. I thought about all this and I got scared, and could not go to sleep.

No wonder they made these sleeping pills blue... reminds me of the matrix. Take one and when you wake up you don't remeber what you were worried about.

Just got back from taking Halo to the park. He gets alot of attention there. KIds love him, and he even made a frind at the park. Although the other night he was having nightmares. Its weird to watch a dog have nightmares. And he had several in a row. I would wke him up and he would look wide awake and then lay back down and start having it again. I eventually woke him up to make sure he was okay and not have some attack. He was fine. Weird.

Dog is a weirdo. I never had a dog that thinks bath time is awesome. He runs around the tub, slides and jumps. And he loves bubbles to.

Anyway nothing going on here. I got hit on at walmart, some lady there was looking at my video game shirts and asking me questions. I have no clue what her name was. I am not sure if she was really my type.

This weekend there was a fight in front of my apartment window. Two drunks fighting over the neighborhood slut. One of them was a maintence guy here. And he I believe lost his job. There was alcohol involved. And before I got out there to make sure someone didn't get killed, the one guy smashed a 40 against the maitence guys head. Then threw the bottle. I am pissed because my crack windshield now spread out all the was across the left side of the car. Looks like the bottle, or the fighters thought my car was an arena. Fucking idiots. I think you have to be able to pass some kind of test to get alcohol.

Anyway. Everyone have a good night
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