Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catching up

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Well I did survive Valentines day, but it was a touch and go week there. The weekend before Valentines Day started with Bank Girl getting engaged. Yup, a year ago we were planning on goig out for the first time, and a year later she got engaged. Oh well. What can I say, I am just really supposed to be alone I guess. I hate it, but have grown content with that.

Ben's son got to come home, so the twins are home finally. I have not gone to se him yet, the weather keeps me sick, and last week the road was covered in ice. So I had to get up and take my mom to work. Not realizing how bad it was. I had ice on my windshield about inch thick. And I did not have an ice scraper, the best I had was a paint scrapper. And I had no socks on and a T shirt. Not exactly my brightest moment. I went in and grabbed my coat and socks, which due to the mushy mess I had to change 3 times. I knew I was going to get Phenmonia. I survived.

Then Valentine's Day arrives. The wednesday before I drove over to Evile in the ice. Why> For a game of course. A game that was so great I stayed up til 3 am playing, convincing myself that it would be okay to go to sleep even though I did not want to. I got up the next morning did some straiting on my room, and was going to reward myself with some more Lost Odysey.

Happy Fucking Valentines Day, My 360 decided that sometime between 3 am and 11 am that it just did not want play games anymore. All my games said, Unplayable Disc, the only thing left in the world that I love left me too. I was not in a good mood that day, nd I would be lying if I said I did not have tears. So at least it was under warranty, but it has been miserable without my XBox friends. No LO, no COD4, no Halo 3, and No boogie bunnies.

I have been writing a little more. I talked to Audrey the other night on the phone and she was busy stroking my ego. I am not ure why she thinks I am good writer, but it feels good to have it be said from some one.

Job search has been bleak. Cant seem to find anything, I guess I will have to go down those roads I dont want to. But I still have a few more weeks. I saved up enough money to pay my bills for another 2 months. And I will also have my 401k to fall back on, but I was hoping to use that on a better car. But we got to do what we got do.

We just did the 20th episode of Phil-n Rob'd Games this past Sunday. 20 episodes. Not missed one week. And we announced that we are going to do a midweek podcast. ALong with Phil and I, Paul who had to drop out of the Sunday show because of Work COnflicts will be brought in. ALso two of our favorite listeners are going to join us as well. But I am kinda excited that we made it to 20 shows. I never thought we would go that long. (I guess Technically its 21 cause there was one show tat is Lost because of TD but we did record it)I guess its nice to know that I can be motivated and accomplish something. With help of course.

All I can say is Congratulations Sarah. At least as far as I know thats in order.

So yeah, its been a bad week. YEs life kick me when I am down, and yes I worry about my future. But at least I keep trying to get back up. All I can do. I look forward to providing you guys with better news, but at least its something.

Missing my Xbox dearly

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Universe is righting itself... Kinda

I have been in a better mood lately. Not exactly sure what has brought it on. Things around me seem to be improving. My friend and co-host is finally catching some breaks in his situation, and he seems to be in a better mood. I was woried about him for awhile.

I am still desperately looking for a job. I am just going to have to take the first thing I am offered at the moment I guess. But whatever, as long as I have money, and hopefully Sundays off I will good.

I have a review to write for a buddy who works for a Role playing game magazine. Trying to decide what to say in this review, waiting to see if some of my friends want to run through it.

I swear when I lay down at night I think of a thousand different subjects for this blg, and like a nice dream they fade away when I get up in the morning.

I guess the only thing that bothers me is valentines days. The stores are filled with hearts and ballons and cards. And I just remeber that this time last year, I thought I had a relationship that was going to go somewhere. Man I wish there were some way to have a feeling like that again. Oh well.

I remember when I was married and I would go buy a card, it was not unusual for me to spend an hour at the Halmark store. Reading diffrent cards, and have tears in my eyes. It was always embarrassing but that has always been me, more heart than brains.

My head is killing me this week. Snus pressure, we just had a series of really bad storms sweep through here. Tornadoes hit somewhere near here and destroyed another trailer park. Killing three people.

Me and Phil got invited to do a Podcast with the crew at Tech and Games. I think we are going to try to do it on saturday. Get our little show some more exposure. Since they have way more listeners and are on I-tunes. Thats right good people, a man who has a voice for print is going to be on a podcast.

Also if you guys want to watch a great documentary, watch the King of Kong. Its sounds like the most borning premise of a movie, but it is the ultimate good vs. evil movie you will see.

Its all about 1 mans fight to get his name in the Guiness Book of World Records for the vido game donkey kong, and the person who had the record is one of the refrees for Twin Galaxies, and he does everything to keep it from geting in the record book. Trust me, it is an awesome.

ANyway, gotta run

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