Monday, April 28, 2008

Not Much Going on here

Not really much going on around here. Its pretty much all HALO all the time. The dog not the game. But he has hisown blog of course.

I got my money. I bought me a few things I wanted. A DS lite, and PSP. And put the rest of the money back for a car, and other things like money to live on. (About 4 more months of Unemployment)

I need to call about my teeth. My mom explained to me that they will not have to cut out my wisdom teeth, because they have came in. I dont know if I trust her on that, anyone know. (I am scared when people use th term cut, and its half the reason I am in no huge hurry to get it done. I am a chicken shit) I thought they always had to cut out the wisdom teeth cause they were so rooted. Times like this I wish my ex wife was around, she worked at a dental office.

Anyway. Just wanted to say hello, and I will talk to you later

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You only dump your wisdom teeth if they are giving you trouble. Otherwise, let them be. I still have three of mine (one grew out sideways instead of downward). My daughter had all 4 pulled when she was 17 or so but they were a heap of trouble for her and the dentist suggested it.
They were pulled, not cut out. I don't know if there is a difference but I imagine there is just by the sound of it.