Monday, May 26, 2008

Still Here

Had not much to say lately. So I have been quiet. Just wanted people to know I am still alive and unemployed (Waiting to get my teeth work done in june before I hit the search hard: Translation: Take the first job I am offered.

Other than that, life is not filled with Sunshine and Rainbows.


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Monday, May 5, 2008

Weeky McWeek

Last week was a decent week for the most part. GTA IV was released, and I had lots of fun playing it. I know it stirs up contraversey everytime its released. But thats because people dont get that M-rated games are not for kids. We still live in an age where politicians think that video games are just for kids.

O'bama did do something rare for politician last week. He said the video game is violent, but its not the games fault. Parents should parent. Its TV, movies and games that are raising our children. ANd that we need to turn off the tv occasionally. I think its a great idea. This man makes more sense every time I listen to him speak.

We has a windy day on Saturday. I took Halo to the park, on the riverfront here in Henderson. He loved it but I was freezinf. I had on a light shirt and shorts, and man it was cold. Thats what I get for not checking the weather.

I am waiting on my Stimulus money from the government. I am going to set up a dentist apointment. I am still a little scared, but to get rid of all this teeth on top, and get dentures I think will do amazing things for my self esteem. Its going to hurt for a few days. (Although Mom says that hers did not bother her much at all)

I have become tech support central here. Ben's mom got a computer and I had to take a look at it last night. She and her husband came by the apartment last night because they thought it was not working. It was fine I showed them what to do.

I had a weird dream about Melanie the other night. Its been awhile since I had a dream about her. I just remeber she needed a ride to work, and she gave me a tree. In the dream I kept calling it a fig tree. I dont know a fig tree from a ficus. In fact the meer thought of me knowing that a ficus tree exist is beyond me. I looked it up in dream interpretation website.

TO be given a fig tree is a sign of regret and sorrowfulness. Weird. But then Phil was in the dream later and he yelled at me for something. Probably cause he bought a game that he hates for the 4th time :) But I do remember having that tree at the end of the dream. It was odd in the least bit.

Still no jobs on the horizon. Waiting till I get the teeth thing resolved before I look superhard. Unless something that jumps right of the page and grabs my attention. (Fat ugly guy needed for Pornshoot, looking for writers in the Henderson/Evansville area) Stuff like that.

Anyway. Its time to go play some GTA4. So I can later go out and kill some prostitutes for real.

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