Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bad Week Rears its head

Hey guys.

Its been one of those weeks really. I got a lot of stuff weighing on my mind. Its not just bad luck for me, its bad luck to those even around me. But I guess some good has come out of it.

Lets see this week I was driving out from Walmart to pick up her perscriptions. I thought something was a little off when I was at the light. It seems I was having to put more pressure on the breaks than normal. But I soldiered on thinking it was paranoia, because my break light was not coming on.

A few weeks ago my break light had come on, and I found I was low on break fluid. I filled it up and promptly forgot about it. Well Wednesday night the root of the problem persented itself. We were almost home when I realized that I was having to put more pressure on the breaks to stop. We were close, and I knew I had enough brakes to get home. But It was like every stop light between here and home was red. But I made it okay.

I am not automechanic. But I figured my friend Ben could help me out. So I talked to him and he said we could take a look at it. I told him we could do it on Saturday. So my mom rode back and forth with his mom. (Ben lives in the same neighborhood as me, and his mom drops off his niece to Ben's wife so she can babysit.)

So she just offered to take my mom back and forth to work instead of me having to get up at the butthole of dawn. Plus it gives me comfort that when I find a job, my mom will have a ride to work already.

Then I get told bad news on Thursday. Ben's oldest son, Scott has Muscular Dystrophy.And Aspergers. At the age of 7, he is going to be the strongest he will ever be. Most people with this form of MD dont live past 19.

Aspergers is like Autism. In fact until 1994, they were thought to be the same thing. Aspergers' is a neurological disease with a lot of the same symptoms of Autsm. They are focused on one thing. For Scott it has always been snowmen. They dont do well in Social Situations, and are very shy. This sounds a lot like Scott, and Also Ben, he was always the same way. Also they some times even hear noises that others cant hear, and noises affect them diffrently than you or I.

I just dont know what to say. Its sad. He has twins now with his second wife. And she is a nurse, so I am sure that is a blessing. But to think this kid I have watched grow up is going to be slowly put into a wheelchair. And nothing you can do about it.

Ben could not figure out where the leak was coming from, so I am going to have to take it to the shop. We didnt talk about his son. We talked about his love of the Wii and his kids. I had sent him a message earlier in the week telling him, I was sorry to hear, and I wish I could do more.

I have to take my car to a shop this week. Might be safer in the long run. I never get anything right the first time anyway.

Then I go to Manda's pug blog and see this poor little dog Dakota/Molly and I unfortunately decided to look at the picture attached that she warned people about. It was the most heart breaking thing I had ever seen. I was horrified.

So I am pretty much drained this week. I look at my shitty car, and my shitty life, and realize that no one is having a perfect life. And for some reason that makes it worse. $4 a gallon of gas here. People loosing jobs, and the world is just falling apart, and you just cant do anything about it.

Oh well
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