Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Blog is Rated AO by the ESRB

Wow its been one of those weeks. Be warned this is going to be a Geekfest

First on my agenda. Video Games. Last week here in the states a game called manhunt 2 for the wii and ps 2 recieved an AO rating (Adults only) Soon afterwards it was banned from being released and there has been a terrible backlash from people about this.

How come the politicians are not up in arms about movies like Hostel (Quality alone should have kept movies like that from making theaters) There is nothing I have read about Manhunt 2 that make me believe it is any worse than the movie Hostel.

Now The ESRB is telling websites that they ae not allowed to show gameplay clips from the game "The Darkness" because they are overly violent. They want all video game clips to be safe now for everyone.

When is this shit going to stop. I mean when are people going to realiz that games are not for kids any more. Nevermind th Wii. I am worried. I am woried that the ESRB is going to ban the game Grand Theft Auto 4. Because Clinton and Obama are trying to pass laws about how we purchase a gae, and even make it a felony to rent or sell violent video games to kids.

Its just so frustrating to me. Millions of people play games all the time and they dont kill people but it happens one time and people have a scapegoat. Games are entertainment. Just like movies. Sure they are interactive but they are less realistic looking than movies.

Anyway moving along.

I am a Game master again. Starting this week hopefully I will begin running a game of Conspiracy X. Its a pen and paper Rpg based off an X files and Conspracy based world. At first people seemed to be not interested as much but people are getting in a better mood for it this week. I miss game mastering its good for me. It opens up my creativity and lets me breathe.

I actually have started writing more here and there, I am writing a short story right now about a Healer who is trying to save a year old girls life, who just hapens to be the child of his ex wife and her new husband. I actually think it is a good story, and has a twist of an ending. Maybe it wil eventually get finished.

Mel's Computer is acting up on her. I my have to give her my old computer if it keeps giving her trouble. I dont need it for anything since I got my laptop. I asked her if she wanted to go out this weekend but have yet to get a response. So hopefully we will.

My 360 came home Friday. I missed it so much. And what am I hooked on right now. Suprisingly, Pac-man Championship Edition. I am not sure why this game is so much fun, but it is. I keep trying to raise my score, but man some people are really fricking good at it. By the way ESRB I am 30 and I am playing a game rated E for everyone, do you want me to be arrested for pedophillia.

Anyway not much else to chat about today. So I am going to say adios amigos.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Moving Day >:[

Well I got moved in tonight. I am fficial living with my mom again at the age of 30. But it almost did not happen today.

My work schedule has been so odd the last couple of weks, so I had not realized Thursday Night that I had not contacted anyone to help me move. I mean everyone knew I was going to move but I was realy only counting on one person to need to help me.

Unfortunately Matt hut his back pretty bad, so Jeff had to stay with him. Josiah hd to work, as well as Jesse. So here it was 11:30 p.m. Friday night and I had no one to help me move.

Josiah said he was going to call Brian and Phil to see if they would help. If not it was no big deal because I had moved myself in, I could move myself out. So I schduled myslelf a Uhaul truck, 10 footer as the diagram blow shows.

The website said it was the right size to move an Apartment. Nothin specific, and really I had nothing realy huge besides my bed that needed moving. I had not much furnature either.

So I placed my order and got my confirmation email.

Now you can clearly see that my reservation date is for 06/16/07. So I was shocked and appalled that when I got there this morning that they have me down as picking up a truck tomorrow. Now Look, how does something this important happen. But I digress. So Brian and I are stuck. He needed help to move a couch and queen sized bed, and offered to share me the cost of said uhaul.

I went off on this guy, especialy when he tied to say I must have put in the wrong date on the computer. He did not even offer to call another Uhaul place and try to get me a truck. He told me the best he could do was he had one coming back at 3. Its 10 in the morning I was frickin hoping to be done by 3. We told him fine. Whatever. We would be back.

We were half way back to my apartment when we kind of got lost on some side streets. And Brian not being from around here, we just happened to pas a small Box Shoppe,and seen a Uhaul pulling out.

We stopped to check if they had anything. I had not much hope. Oh yee of Little Faith. They had one truck. Let me take that back, They had one Air craft carrier they could rent out.

Meet Big Daddy...

The 26' Uhaul. And Guess who had to drive it. Thats right me, til Phil arived to help. I have never driven anything bigger than a pick up truck. And I drove... or should I say navigated this thing all the way to Brian. Bran was not impresed with my road skills, and he looked like he was going to hurl any minute.

We got everything moved. We were done by 3:30 So I was only off by about 30 minutes.

But the moral of this story is this. If you have to move, call Uhaul and make the reservation don't trust the internet for important things like this.

Anyway, Have a good day.


PS Thank you for the help Brian and Phil, and Josiah thanks for helping bring the team together.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blabbing on...

Hello everyone,

I love the new lap top. It is everything I always wanted. I cant wait to have real time to settle in and start writing. Things are starting to calm down.

I am moving to Henderson hopefully on Saturday. They are doing some construction on the bridges that lead into Henderson, so I am going to rent a U-haul and get everything all in one load.

I have pretty much everthing packed up. I have some books to throw into a book bag, A closet full of clothes. I need to clean up the apartment today, but I am not feeling well. I know I am getting sick. I slept til 9 this morning. I have not slept til 9 in the morning for months. Unless I went to bed at 4 a.m.

Melanie is doing good. She returned from her vacation. I have to ask her if her and her mother had went to the tatoo shop. She said she wanted to get a tat, but was kind of afraid. She loves butterflies. I think she should get a pair of angel wings.

My Xbox 360 arrived yesterday to Mcallen Texas. Hopefully they get it fixed up and sent out today. I heard most people get an email saying it has arrived and 4 hours later they get one saying that it has left. I really miss my 360.

Prince of Persia classic was released today. I want to play it so bad. I remember playing Prince of Persia on the Super nintendo and just being in love with it. I was a hard game, and I put it in my top 5 acomplishments of video gaming.

I also have been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary. On The Ps2. I wish they would have brought ths out immediately on the 360. I know its coming, but I think it is going to be downloaded pack for the Legend game. Fine, whatever, but I will have to buy Tomb Raider Legend. I just feel like it is missing something on ps2... maybe it is because I am a graphics whore.

Oh see what happened there I went off to video game land. I did not mean to do that. Anyay have a good day eeryone.

Hendersonman Out
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Monday, June 4, 2007


An Italian Contractor/Plumber to help me save a princess from a giant gorilla. The ability to jump barrels and use of a hammer a must. Also able to throw fireballs and the ability to grow after eating Hallucinogenic mushrooms a plus.

Never mind the Princess looks happy in th arms of said gorilla. If this is you please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

PS: If you brother wants he can come along to, just tell him to leave the ghost vaccum at home.

Hey guys Mel and I had a good time this weekend. We went to play mini golf Saturday night. It was fun and she stompd my ass. The last two holes it started to pour rain.

What is it guys when a girls hair gets all wet that they look so beautiful even though they thnk they dont.:)

Afterwards we went to Nick's pizza. And then back to my place to mess around with my laptop. (get your mind out of the gutter)

I love my new computer. I am still getting used to the keyboard and I am not to fond of the the Touchpad stuff. But other than that I like it. It even has Vista on it, and I really like it.

I tried to download Wolrd of Warcraft and pay it on here, but it really did not run it well. It maybe a screen refresh thing, or the lack of a decent graphics card. Its oay I do not need to get into a MMORPG honestly. They just suck up all your free time.

Mel stayed over until after midnight. She seemed to enjoy hanging out with me. I hung back and did not try to push here or anything. She seemed to understand that I respected her space. I just needed to know about boundries.

Anyway she is on vacation this week. So I wont get to really see her, she has a lot to do this week. Her step grandma is having surgery today. She is having a kidney removed.

I missed her, and I was glad she had a good time. She even text me the next morning to let me know she had a good time.

Anyway I am going to get off here and stuff.

Have a Good day everyone

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