Monday, November 26, 2007

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I found some interesting info this weekend that really upset me. I am not sure if this is a reason Mel quite talking to me and I hope to God I never find out that it is true.

Seems that an old friend that pissed me off a few months back, ran into Mel a little while ago. She supposedly asked him, "Are you Rob's friend?"

He replied, "No not anymore, because of you and the bad way we supposedly treated you, he has quite talking to us." And then he walked away.

Now he told this to a mutual friend. This guy has no reason to lie to me about it. He is not a person that gets a sick thrill out of watching people get angry and throw down. But this guy told him that. And that just made me more angry.

Oh well he brought it on himself. No one goes over there anymore, and its reasons like this that he has no friends anymore. No one hangs out over there because he just does not know how to treat people.

He also made some comments about me to people because I did not confront him face to face, just quit coming over. I had nothing to say to him. He is one of these people that never believes he is wrong, so its like arguing with a brick wall.

But all I can say is this, I am not sure if this is the reason Mel moved on, a part of it, or whatever. It bothers me because for once in my life since the divorce, I was happy. I had dropped most of my cynical nature. Oh well.

My mom and I finished the Gilmore Girls Marathon a week ago. Loved the show. I wish it was still on. I think it is one of the best shows I ever watched.

Luke is my hero.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gamer BLood

I try not to get the games blog in my personal blog, but this is a post more about who I am and where I came from and thought I might share it here.

We had a dinner for the Phil N Robd crew tonight. Phil brought over his wii because he wanted my mom to get a shot at trying it out until She gets hers in the next week. It got me thinking as to how I myself had gotten into gaming.

It runs in the family. Its hard to believe but my parents were both gamers. They were gamers from the atari 2600 on. We went see my older cousin who was station in Ft. Campbell and we brought the Atari 2600 with us.

My dad, mom, cousin and his wife stayed up all night long to play bowling on the 2600. I mean the game could hardly be called bowling. It consisted of a ball, well it was supposed to be a ball. Ataris was never good at spherical objects.

My dad won every single game he played. Except for one. He said his hand got to hurting so bad he left my cousin's wife win.

Growing up I had most of the video game consoles. Intellivision, Atari 2600, talking intellivision. I remember the game crash of 84, when all the games were super cheap, and we bought a ton of games at that point.

My dad always got it. I guess that made my parents different. They knew why games were my passion, because they enjoyed them too. Before my dad passes away in 2000 he bought a playstation. I had moved in with my wife and took mine with me. He bought a bowling game. And he would play it all the time, and me and the wife at the time would play it with him.

The morning he died I came home to find he had been playing Solitare on his computer in my old bedroom. He had been playing it an hour before the doctor said he would have passed. The sad thing is that he was losing that hand. I think he would say that was what killed him, loosing at Solitare, not the heart attack.

My dad was a gamer, up until the end. And after tonight, I think my mom will be to. She played wii for the first time. We started out in a game of bowling. And her first game she kicked my ass, and Phil's ass.

She was laughing and smiling. Having a great time. And on the show tonight I was given a hard time. Afterwards she played a game of Tennis on the wii, she was not to hot at that. But she enjoyed the boxing game. And I watched her enjoy it.

Then she played two more games of bowling. And at this point she had kcked everyones ass that was there. Me, Phil, Jesse, Brian and Josiah twice.

She says she can not wait to get her wii this week. And I think my dad is smiling right now. I think its cool that bowling video games run in our families. And its good to see my mom playing games again.

She watched us do our show and she was proud that she kicked our asses. And I took the loss a little on the chin, everyone ribbed me about it. I wish dad had been there for the wii. He would have liked it too.

But I know where I come from. Gamerblood.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Alive

Nothing really to say but wanted everyone to know I am not dead. Its Video game season and I have hunted down some to lay and just been busy playing. I am doing okay. I did not want anyone to think I died or anything.

Plus you know, nothing interesting in my life right now.

Talk to you later
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