Monday, February 26, 2007

Est Sularis oth Mithas

Do not fret constant readers. The old blog is dead. That blog is a different blog. This is a blog of hope. The last blog, was not so much. You are still getting your old buddy Rob, and the misspellings and the bad grammar are along for the ride.

Why the new Blog? Well in case you really and truly want to know, it is like all Stories worth Telling. Its because of a Girl.

Not any girl. The girl that I have had a crush on for over a year. If you read my old blog, she is known as Bank Girl. But here, I will refer to her as Melanie. Or Mel or whatever I feel like calling her. :)

But I noticed a discrepancies. How can I find a girl that completes the empty space in my heart, and continue writing a blog called, The Divorce I did not want. Because its true I did not want it. But had it not happened, i would never have met Melanie.

So i hope that answers your question as to why. let me get on with my next blog post.

So I survived date number two. And I think it was far superior. Because a lot of things happened. We watched How to Loose a Guy in 10 days, which I think it is one of the greatest Chick Flicks ever made.

We ordered pizza, and just hung out. After the movie the electricity went out at my apartment. So I was alone in the dark with the girl of my dreams. And I was a total Gentleman. But after an hour, i kind of started going stir crazy. But hey, she was not even nervous. She trust me. And that is awesome.

We decided to go see my friends. Not exactly the brightest decision on my part. One of my friends actually said, "Don't blame us for you bringing her down here, you are the one that tied the meat around your neck and jumped in a lion pit."

Only one of my friends could not behave himself. For the most part.

Afterwards we went to her house, and I met her mom. Now this is the first time I have been introduced to any girls parents within the first month. It makes me feel good. I am special enough because she is not ashamed of me. She wanted me to meet her mother.

And the better part of this is.. Her mom loves me. She could tell I am good person, and she really did not want us to leave. I just felt good about that. Also I got to meet her dog, a miniature wiener dog, (Shouldn't they be called Vienna Sausage dogs :) )Rosey.

Mel is special. She has filled my heart in a short amount of time. I hope it continues on. I can see myself happy, for the first time in a long time. And i do not want to jump the gun in this, so there are things I feel that I am not saying.

This is God's blessing to me. I want it to continue that way. So this is the new blog.

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